Scent is a powerful bridge between ourselves and nature. We find it in those moments when we pick a garden rose and inhale its perfume, or collect a sprig of mint and rub it between our fingers, or breathe in the scent of a bitter orange tree in full bloom. All else stops as we strive to capture the scent: elusive, yet remarkably beautiful.

A Scented Life

A Scented Life is a delightful voyage of discovery into the world of aromatherapy and the use of pure essential oil for home and personal use. It explores the power of scent and the many ways to use essential oils for pleasure, to increase confidence, support meditation practice, combat fatigue and above all de-stress. It traces the evolution of aromatic substances and their use as incense, medicine, perfume and ritual.

Beautiful, creative and accessible

About the Author

Pat Princi-Jones is a Melbourne based aromatherapy advocate and specialist. She is best known for her engaging and inspiring teachings on the therapeutic power of essential oils in the aromatherapy retail sector throughout Australasia.


A Scented Life is a delightful read, encapsulating the beauty and accessibility of aromatherapy for everyone. I love it.


A Scented Life really is aromatherapy reimagined in a very special way. I have found myself picking it up again and again as a reference guide to all things aromatherapy. Whether you are new to essential oils or a devoted enthusiast, this will be an ongoing source of inspiration.


I just want to celebrate this very special book. It’s gorgeous, it’s delightful, superbly written, beautifully illustrated. And it tells you so much about essential oils & how to make them essential in your life!


Ever since I bought this book my home smells beautiful. Thank you, Pat for making aromatherapy so simple and even more beautiful for me.


If you love essential oils and you want to learn more about how to use them, I recommend you check out A Scented Life. It’s given me the information I needed to use the oils more confidently.


I picked it up because it was so beautiful. Little did I know it’s all about essential oils.



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