About the book

With a focus on the use of essential oils for self-care, it invites you to relish the experience of aromatherapy and explore ways of using scent to enhance your everyday lifestyle.

Whether at home alone, sharing confined spaces with loved ones, or running a home office, the book offers recipes to lift mood, detox the body, promote balance and renew vitality.

Apart from its beauty, the book offers a comprehensive summary of the basics in aromatherapy. Although very personal and close to Pat’s heart, it touches on a broad range of areas of interest for the reader. 

A Scented Life is a delightful voyage of discovery into the senses and the power of scent. It traces the evolution of aromatic substances and their use as incense, medicine, perfume and ritual. It explores the many ways to use essential oils for pleasure, to increase confidence, support meditation practice, combat fatigue and above all de-stress. It keeps building on information to provide a deeper and richer understanding of the complexity of aromatic essences and their use for mind, body and soul.

The book is an easy access guide crafted for those starting out their aromatherapy journey. It begins with the history of this ancient practice along with an overview of essential oils and how they work. It outlines an accessible summary of scent groupings, zesty, woody, spicy and resinous (including a dedicated section on Precious Petals, Pat’s favourites) before outlining blending techniques, complete with an essential oil starter kit to help send you on your way.

The Inhale Chart is at the book’s heart, offering blends for diffusion for everyday enjoyment with a focus on the impact of aroma on mind and mood. It is followed by applications for massage, bathing and skincare, as well as health and wellbeing, complete with recipes for each method outlined. The Women’s Health chapter discusses essential oil use in the context of motherhood, menopause and ageing well, while the Essential oil Toolkit provides an invaluable overview of the most widely used essential oils, complete with suggested applications to treat specific ailments.