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Engaging with the heart and getting in touch with the energy emanating from its centre is a way of adapting and re-programming our way of thinking and behaving during these strange and unsettling times.

When you feel off centre, it’s likely because of the heart chakra – the centre of our emotional energy. ‘Chakra’ is the term used to describe the constant flow of energy through different channels in the body. In A Scented Life, I have identified the heart chakra, as the most powerful of all the chakras because all else radiates from this central point.

The heart is where our feelings live, where we experience both joy and sorrow. When it is hurting, we feel it in physical ways. Whether we are tight across the chest from emotional pain or feeling a tangled knot from rejection, the heart makes itself known to us.  It beats faster when a lover calls or when our anger levels rise. Releasing tensions in this region helps open and clear pain, often creating sensations of immense joy and contentment.

Reconnecting with the heart chakra will help you relax and draw you into the present moment – it’s a way of grounding the self and listening to what is available for your healing at this time. Do you need to put a relationship on hold? Should you focus on helping others, or do you need to take care of yourself? Whatever dilemma we face, there is always the voice within of love and reason that speaks to us, if only we can tap into it. That is where mindful practice and essential oils can help.

Essential oils have long been used to clear the heart chakra, inspire love, rekindle passion and even help maintain emotional health. To delve deeper into the main chakras and understand their spiritual capacity, I recommend Aromatherapy for the Soul, by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Although any oil you have on hand will have its unique impact on your state of mind, these are my favourites for balancing the heart chakra.

Rich, luxurious florals such as Neroli and Rose have a relaxing and harmonising effect on this chakra. A few drops can help ease restlessness and keep the heart pure and full of understanding.

Juniper Berry renowned for its purifying effect, along with German chamomile’s cooling action will help shift negativity and excessive anger.

Delicate flowering herbs such as Lavender or Helichrysum are relaxing and comforting and will cultivate new ways of giving and receiving love, while the sweet earthy depth of Vetiver instils a deep sense of tranquillity and has soothing properties essential for reawakening the heart chakra. And Sandalwood and Frankincense, bring the wisdom of the ages into our hearts.

Ylang Ylang is capable of easing emotional hurt and even melancholy.  Simply inhaling its sweetness is known to help lower the heart rate and stress levels.

A simple, focussed meditation will help draw you into the present moment and have you feeling more grounded. As you commit to live through you heart chakra and engage its wisdom when faced with decision making, your world will open up in ways you never imagined possible. Channelling your energy into the heart chakra will correct misaligned energy flow and find harmony and peace within. With dedicated and regular meditation, negative emotions will lose their hold over you.

Prepare a scented, tranquil space and sit quietly. Choose one essential oil from the list above and add 3 drops to 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture into your breast bone, then apply it onto the hands and wrists. Bring your attention to your breath and focus on your heart with its myriad feelings. Breathe in a slow rhythm and let go of the mix of emotions and thoughts as they emerge. Visualise your heart and feel its beat until a sense of calm descends upon you.

Note: I love to use crystals when I meditate on the chakras. Cassandra Eason, in her comprehensive publication, Crystals – offers insights into these gems and their use. Green aventurine and rose quartz are those most aligned with the heart chakra.  I provide an overview of the seven chakras and ideas for meditating and activating their energy, in A Scented Life.


All the best,
Pat Princi-Jones
June 2020

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